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Orhan Pamuk

Orhan Pamuk © Hakan Ezilmez

Ferhan und Ferzan Önder

Ferhan und Ferzan Önder © Jure Knez

Orhan Pamuk / Ferhan & Ferzan Önder

»Die Nächte der Pest«

Thursday 24 March 2022
19:30 – ca. 21:10



Orhan Pamuk, Gespräch und Lesung in türkischer Sprache

Dorothee Hartinger, Lesung in deutscher Sprache

Recai Hallaç, Übersetzung

Ferhan Önder, Klavier

Ferzan Önder, Klavier

Wolfgang Popp, Moderation


Orhan Pamuk

Die Nächte der Pest (Auszüge)

Alexander Borodin

Eine Steppenskizze aus Mittelasien (Bearbeitung für Klavier zu vier Händen) (1880)

Sergej Rachmaninoff

Suite Nr. 1 »Fantaisie-Tableaux« op. 5 für zwei Klaviere (3. Satz: Les larmes, largo di molto g-moll) (1893)

Fazıl Say

Night für Klavier zu vier Händen (2016)


In Kooperation mit dem Hanser Verlag
In Kooperation mit Leporello
Freie Platzwahl

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Nights of the plague

Can an all-shaking catastrophe unite people? Orhan Pamuk deals with this question in his new novel  »Nights of the Plague«: When the plague breaks out on Minger in 1901, Muslims and Christians accuse each other. Sultan Abdülhamit II, together with England and France, has the island blockaded with warships to prevent the plague from spreading further – the people on Minger are left to fend for themselves. The Nobel Prize winner's new book is a unique swan song to the Ottoman Empire, which was endangered by nationalism and superstition. Pamuk reads from his great historical novel, in which fantasy and reality, past and present, East and West are cleverly combined. The author, who was born in Istanbul in 1952, will explain the background, and Ferhan and Ferzan Önder will accompany the evening with four-handed piano music.

After the event, Orhan Pamuk will sign his books at the Mozart Hall Buffet.


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