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Search help

The search field is at top right of your screen. Enter the desired word or words.

If you are searching for an exact group of words, use inverted commas: "Leopold Mozart"

The asterisk * can be used as a wildcard.
• if you want to find all words ending with oniker, type: *oniker. The search will find both Symphoniker and Philharmoniker;
• if you wish to find all words beignning with symph, type: symph* . The search will find both Symphoniker and Symphonie;
• if you wish to find all words contain oni, type: *oni*. The search will find Symphoniker, Philharmoniker, Symphonie, Komponist, Ziehharmonika etc.

Please note that the programme on is in German and so you will not find words like »Symphony« or »Shostakovich«. Please use the corresponding German terms.

Smart help

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Special opening and telephone times in December and January:
17 December 2019: 9.00–18.00
28 and 29 December 2019: 10.00–14.00 and 15.00–19.45
1 January 2020: 10.00–14.00 and 15.00–20.15
Ticket sale by telephone on this days ends at 18.00

The Ticket- & Service-Center is closed on 24, 25 & 26 December 2019 as well as on 3 January 2020

Box office hours
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Saturday: 10.00–14.00
as well as from 45 minutes prior to the performance
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