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About us – Sustainability



Sustainability at the Wiener Konzerthaus

 The musical experiences at the Wiener Konzerthaus are sustainable - they create resonance and reverberate in people. Ideally, the reverberation of the artistic excellence of the events allows for lasting memories.

However, our sustainability efforts are not limited to the artistic events in the wonderful halls of the house; as a music institution, we also want to fulfill the goals of the particularly important ecological sustainability agenda. We take our responsibility for our environment, our employees and our visitors very seriously. Therefore, we strive to achieve improvements in all areas in order to preserve a worth living and intact environment for future generations.

Therefore, sustainability is to be the focus in the operational area as well as in everyday working life. To this end, we want to achieve the highest possible ecological standards at all levels of our work processes - in line with the objectives of the Austrian Eco-Label:

  • Limitation of energy and water consumption
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Limitation of the amount of waste
  • preferential use of renewable energy sources
  • preferential use of products that are less harmful to the environment
  • preservation of the natural diversity and cultural heritage of the region
  • promotion of the regional economy
  • Promotion of environmental communication and environmental education among employees and visitors.

To achieve these goals

  • we buy more environmentally friendly and regional products as well as products with an eco-label.
  • we train our employees in resource-saving and environmentally friendly behavior.
  • inform our visitors about the possibilities to support our environmental goals and about the Austrian Eco-Label.
  • we collect data on the consumption of energy, water, chemicals and the volume of waste and use this data to optimize our internal operations.
  • we strive to reduce the CO2 emissions of the Wiener Konzerthaus through various measures.
  • we avoid waste wherever possible or separate it for recycling.
  • we try to use only renewable energy.
  • we want to continuously improve the (environmental) quality of our operations.

The following measures and areas are particularly important to us:

  • Informing our visitors, employees and the public about our environmental activities.
  • Use of renewable energy for electricity / heating / cooling
  • Motivating our employees to act in an environmentally friendly manner through regular training and opportunities to actively participate in the environmental program.
  • Encouraging our visitors to actively participate in the implementation of our program.
  • Efficient use of energy and water
  • Avoidance of waste through conscious purchase and use of products
  • Avoidance of waste as well as separation and environmentally compatible recycling of waste that cannot be avoided
  • Avoidance of water pollution through economical use of environmentally compatible detergents and cleaning agents
  • Avoidance of environmentally harmful and hazardous substances during construction and renovation work
  • Use of products that carry an environmental label

What is the Austrian Eco-Label?

This eco-label gives consumers, both public and private buyers, the opportunity to more easily recognize environmentally friendly products and services whose quality has been tested on the basis of government-approved criteria.
The criteria on which the eco-label is based are the result of scientific studies and extensive consultations within the Eco-Label Committee. The members of this committee are the bodies responsible for the eco-label, representatives of environmental, consumer and industrial associations, trade unions and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and trade.

Your opinion is important to us.
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