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German Toro Perez

German Toro Perez © Markus Sepperer (Ausschnitt)

Wien Modern 33

29 October 2020 – 30 November 2020

So, how’s the mood? When you ask this in German, you aren’t just asking about a feeling, or an atmosphere; but also about musical intonation or the tuning of an instrument. Sometimes a mysterious light, a melody in the distance, a strangely out of tune piano, or a forgotten, century-old organ is enough to set the mood (and the tone). Musical instruments, their wondrous tone systems and colour palettes, and everything that is possible when, by anarchy or art, you get rid of the strict patterns of the past – all this is waiting to be discovered in November at this big festival for contemporary music. A wide array of venues, formats and experiences surround the festival theme »Stimmung«, which brings mood/atmosphere and tuning/intonation together in one word and one city.

Find out more in summer at www.wienmodern.at.