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Service – Visiting the Konzerthaus – Accessibility

© Igor Ripak / Wiener Konzerthaus

Accessibility in the Wiener Konzerthaus

People with handicaps should be able to participate in and enjoy the artistic offerings of the Wiener Konzerthaus as independently as possible. All halls are accessible via lift. And there are also dedicated wheelchair spaces which can be purchased — with or without a companion – online, via telephone or in person at our Ticket- und Service-Center.

In order to make the Wiener Konzerthaus even more accessible and enable all people to participate in musical events, we have set up a new fundraising campaign entitled #gemeinsamfüralle. Click here for more information.

Barrier-free main entrance

You can use our main entrance in Lothringerstraße 20 without steps and with a door width of 140 cm to access the main vestibule.

Barrier-free lifts

All halls are accessible with lifts. You can find them here:

• Lift in the mezzanine foyer Lothringerstraße: access to the Berio-Hall and GreatHall (cercle-, parterre- and estrade seating); access to the Schubert-Hall and Great Hall (balcony and boxes)
• Lift in the cloak room hall Mozart-Saal: access to the Mozart-Hall (fauteuil, cercle- and parterre seating, as well as left balcony)
• Glass lift from the buffet Berio-Hall, mezzanine foyer main stairs Great Hall (on the level of the entrance to the Weinzirl Restaurant) and the Great Hall foyer: access to the Great Hall (cercle-, parterre- and estrade seating, as well as balcony and gallery), Mozart-Hall (parterre) and Schubert-Saal

Handicapped parking

• 2 spaces directly in front of the Ticket- & Service-Center, Lothringerstraße 20
• 3 spaces directly in front of the Akademietheater, Lisztstraße 2
• 8 spaces Am Heumarkt 31–33
• 7 spaces Am Heumarkt 27–29

Click here for details:

Wheelchair seats

• as many as 18 seats in the Great Hall: estrade left and right, 3rd and 4th block
• 6 seats in the Mozart-Hall: 5 seats in the back of the parterre; 1 on the left balcony
• 3 seats in the Schubert-Hall: left at the back
• 4 seats in the Berio-Hall (position depending on the individual seating of the event)

For all events of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft, wheelchair spaces are available for € 10. An accompanying person will have a seat allocated in the same row at a discount of 50% on the regular price.

To order a wheelchair seat on, click on Programme & Tickets, scroll down to the event you are looking for and click first on »Purchase tickets« and then in the price categories on »Order wheelchair seat«. If the icon and the lettering are not displayed, then no more wheelchair seats are available for this event.

Assistance dogs

To attend a concert with an assistance dog, we ask you to register as early as possible at the Ticket- und Service-Center in order to ensure availability of such seats.

Barrier-free toilets

The Wiener Konzerthaus has five toilets for people with handicaps which can be opened with a Eurokey and are fitted with an emergency call system.

• 2 UG (2nd basement) – the toilet facilities at the Berio Hall;
• EG (ground floor) – in the vestibule near the lifts for the Great Hall;
• ZG (mezzanine) – the toilet facilities for the Schubert Hall, near the lifts for the Great Hall;
• 1 OG (level 1) – on the right rear side of the parterre level, near the lifts for the Great Hall.

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