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© Igor Ripak / Wiener Konzerthaus

© Filip Waldmann

© Igor Ripak / Wiener Konzerthaus

© Igor Ripak / Wiener Konzerthaus

© Igor Ripak / Wiener Konzerthaus

#gemeinsamfüralle (#everyoneforall)

Fundraising campaign for a more inclusive and accessible Wiener Konzerthaus

The dream of making excellent music of all genres accessible to as many people as possible without excluding anyone has long been a central concern to the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft. An essential pre-condition for this is increased accessibility to the Wiener Konzerthaus, as well as inclusion projects. People with disabilities must be able, as easily and independently as possible, to take part in the musical events in the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Let's tackle with forward-looking vision together, step by step!

With your support, we can implement substantial measures that will smooth the pathway to music for even more people

• Automatic doors at the Ticket- & Service-Center and at the porter's lodge provide easier access to the Wiener Konzerthaus to people with mobility problems, pushchairs and wheelchairs
• Electric platform-stairlift for barrier-free access to the Schönberg-Saal
• Increased access to the website for people with visual impairments who use assistive technologies
• Training for audience-service personnel to optimize the experience of the Konzerthaus for people with disabilities
• Cross-generational SommerMusikWoche (Summer Music Week) for more than 100 people with disabilities in July 2019

Every donation helps!

Our aim is to raise €150,000 in private donations by March 2019 in order to be able to complete the building work for increased accessibility in the summer of 2019.

SommerMusikWoche (Summer Music Week) for more than 100 people with disabilities

In addition, we can organise a SommerMusikWoche (Summer Music Week) for more than 100 people with disabilities in the Wiener Konzerthaus. Over a number of days in the first week in July 2019, participants will be able to explore the world of music under the guidance of professional musicians. Workshops are held to determine the individual needs and abilities of each participant. As a final highlight, all participants will take part in a concert in the main hall of the Wiener Konzerthaus. Further information will be made available from April 1, 2019 under: SommerMusikWoche

You can help us reach our target of €150,000 for more accessibility and inclusion. All donations are gratefully received!

Donate Now

Board of donors' names

On request, we publicly thank private individuals for donations of €3,000 and upwards, as well as companies for donations of €6,000 and upwards. Your name will appear on the board of donors' names for a period of three years.

Home concert prize draw

If you donate €70 or more, you automatically take part in a prize draw for a private home concert performed for you and your guests by artists closely associated with the Wiener Konzerthaus. The prize draw will take place on March 20, 2019. The Wiener Konzerthaus will then coordinate and support the detail planning and choice of programme. If the prizewinner decides not to host the concert at their home, the Wiener Konzerthaus can provide an alternative venue within its own premises.

The closing date for donations is March 5, 2019. Please read the terms and conditions.