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Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari © Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, Wiesbaden (Ausschnitt)

Cameron Carpenter «Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari»

Saturday, 20. May 2017, 07.30 PM

Rudolf Buchbinder © Philipp Horak (Ausschnitt)

Wiener Symphoniker / Wiener Singakademie / Buchbinder

Wednesday, 31. May 2017, 07.30 PM
Saturday, 03. June 2017, 03.30 PM

Bernard Labadie © François Rivard (Ausschnitt)

Wiener KammerOrchester / Labadie «Mozart: Requiem»

Teodor Currentzis' extravagant style has turned the instrumental ensemble MusicAeterna into an international bestseller. But perhaps even more in demand is the choir of the same name. Whether it’s the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Freiburg Baroque Orchestra or Le Poème Harmonique – everyone is falling over themselves to perform with the superb singer collective headed by Vitaly Polonsky. The MusicAeterna Choir will make its long-awatied debut in the Wiener Konzerthaus with Mozart's Requiem and other works.

Monday, 12. June 2017, 07.30 PM
Tuesday, 13. June 2017, 07.30 PM

Klangforum Wien © Judith Schlosser

Klangforum Wien / Brönnimann

Monday, 19. June 2017, 07.30 PM

Teodor Currentzis © Anton Zavjyalov (Ausschnitt)

Wednesday, 13. September 2017, 07.30 PM