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Frank Peter Zimmermann © Harald Hoffmann/hänssler CLASSIC

Wiener Symphoniker / Frank Peter Zimmermann / Hrůša

«Every good violin is an individual,» says Frank Peter Zimmermann. «And there are huge personalities among the Stradivari, every one of which is a Primadonna by itself. Each Stradivari has its own special personality, be it feisty or likeable. And every violinist tries to find their own specific voice. To use this analogy, it’s like when somebody has fallen in love with Tebaldi’s voice, they’ll be reluctant to switch to Callas.» The German violinist will perform Beethoven’s 1806 Violin Concerto with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra under Jakub Hrůša. But for Zimmermann, the most important thing for him when working together with an orchestra is their «joy in playing, their alertness and their intution», more than the choice of instrument or bow. «For a violinist, the bow is even more personal», says Zimmermann. «I can remember that Milstein would always be willing to lend someone his violin, but never his bow. With other violins that I’ve tried out, my bow made by James Tubbs was almost better than the one by Dominique Peccatte that I normally use.»

Tuesday, 06. June 2017, 07.30 PM
Wednesday, 07. June 2017, 07.30 PM

Christian Thielemann © Matthias Creutzinger

Wiener Philharmoniker / Flury / Thielemann

The concert by Christian Thielemann and the Vienna Philharmonic is full of contrasts. Johannes Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture and his Fourth Symphony are performed alongside Jörg Widmann’s 2011 flute concerto «Flûte en suite», performed by the Vienna Philharmonic’s solo flautist, Dieter Flury. Widmann's music is a surprise to anyone hearing it for the first time.

Friday, 09. June 2017, 07.30 PM

Schulkonzert «Blauli» am 7. Juni 2016 © Wiener Konzerthaus

Tuesday, 13. June 2017, 11.00 AM

Rudolf Buchbinder © Marco Borggreve

Piano recital Rudolf Buchbinder

Rudolf Buchbinder's recital will bring the series, «Klavier im Großen Saal», to an end with a flourish. And he will perform Beethoven's last great piano work, the «Diabelli-Variations», a work that has accompanied the star pianist all his life. He will perform it alongside Schubert's C-Minor Variation, also on a theme by Diabelli.

Tuesday, 20. June 2017, 07.30 PM

ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien ©

Sunday, 25. June 2017, 03.00 PM