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Sing Along

Sing Along © Julia Wesely



Fridays@7 © Julia Wesely

Hilary Hahn in der Brunnenpassage

Hilary Hahn in der Brunnenpassage © Katja Frei

Konzerteinführung mit Nadja Kayali

Konzerteinführung mit Nadja Kayali © Sabine Hasicka

Adults - Overview

The format »Neu(es) Hören« (Listening anew) deciphers pieces of music for you in a fresh and creative way. Concerts such as »Im Klang« or »WienerSymphoniker@7« also give you a new perspective – here it’s a matter of: Listening differently. Explore our cooperation projects outside of the Wiener Konzerthaus, where European and non-European art and culture meet. A large umber of illuminating introductory talks and discussions before, during or after selected concerts provide you with very special insights into the world of music. Participation is especially called for in a wide range of Sing-Along formats!

You would like to hear music differently, discover new ways of approaching the world of music or even make music yourself? A large number of concert series, introductions and discussions, as well as innovative projects allow you to do just that.