Monday MON 1 January 0001
Monday MON 1 January 0001
Thursday THU 9 March 2023
Thursday THU 9 March 2023

Gileno Santana & Gabriel Selvage © Duo Inevitável

Santana / Selvage / Gansch


Wednesday 15 March 2023
19:30 – ca. 21:30



Gileno Santana, Trompete

Gabriel Selvage, Gitarre

Thomas Gansch, Trompete
special guest

Peter Tomic, Tontechnik


Gileno Santana


Anjo da guarda

Paulo Portela Fagundes

Potro sem dono


Ando preocupado

Gileno Santana

A escolha

Severino Araujo

Espinha de bacalhau

Gileno Santana

A nossa

Rocha Ferro


Gileno Santana




Choro moderno

Valeau a pena

Yamandu Costa

Samba pro Rafa

Gileno Santana

Deve ser mentira

Washington Gomez

Gileno Santana


O mundo é um moinho

Gabriel Selvage

Pro Lucia

Gileno Santana

Já ninguém fala de amor

Cenair Maicá

Canto dos livres

Vianna Filho Pixinguinha




Gileno Santana



Henry Mancini

Moon River (Aus dem Film »Breakfast at Tiffany's«, Regie: Blake Edwards, USA 1961) (1961)


Unterstützt von Erste Bank

Subscription series The Art of Brass


Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

The Inevitable

None other than Thomas Gansch, the best-known and most popular trumpeter in Vienna and the surrounding area, is an enthusiastic professional colleague of the young Brazilian Portuguese Gileno Santana. It is therefore almost unavoidable that Gansch protects Santana wherever he can and supports him as a guest musician at every opportunity.

This is also the case with "Inevitável," the joint project with which Gileno Santana and Gabriel Selvage are celebrating their debut at the Vienna Konzerthaus. The trumpeter and the guitarist, two of the most important representatives of a new generation of Brazilian instrumental music, have joined forces to create immediately effective art that contains all the ingredients of the Brazilian musical tradition. Santana, already a big name on the international scene, returns to his roots and brings with him the profound sound of this tradition - that unique sound in which intense, then gentle tones blend into lyricism of rare beauty. Guitarist Gabriel Selvage, on the other hand, a musician with a sophisticated technique, is one of the precious treasures that Brazil has to offer today.

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