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Konzerthaus – Sponsoring and Donations – Sponsorships and donations

Schubert-Saal © Lukas Beck

Sponsorships and donations

There are good reasons for becoming a supporter
of the Wiener Konzerthaus

• As a non-profit organization with only 12,1% financed from public coffers, the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft is increasingly dependent on the support deriving from sponsorships, donations and memberships if it is to fulfil its cultural aims of providing a diverse programme of the highest quality for discerning audiences.

• Supporting the Wiener Konzerthaus numbers the participating individuals and organizations among the culturally interested in Viennese society.

• Whether sponsors, donors, benefactors, patrons or supporting members, the Wiener Konzerthaus recognizes their generosity by offering certain advantages, such as the best seats in the house …

You can support the Wiener Konzerthaus in various ways, even by making a donation on-line

• Sponsorship
Sponsorship of activities at the Wiener Konzerthaus not only enables the sponsors to present themselves to a discerning and culturally interested public, but also provides the ideal preconditions for «corporate entertainment» in festive and representative surroundings.

• Donations on-line
Making a donation on-line is simple and secure, and the transaction can be completed easily in a few steps via:
You may donate without being registered if you so wish.

• Benefactor
A single payment of at least €40,000 entitles a private individual (for organizations: €75,000) to be registered as a Benefactor of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft.
The Benefactor enjoys the full privileges of a Patron for 20 years, while the name of the person or organization is emblazoned in gold on the Roll of Honour in the foyer of the Konzerthaus in perpetuity.

• Patrons, Premium Patrons and Supporting Members

Patrons, Supporting Members und Suppporting Members Patrons make a fixed annual contribution each Konzerthaus season (normally from September in one year to August in the next), thereby becoming entitled to certain privileges in addition to their membership of the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft. Details of the privileges can be seen by clicking on Patron, Premium Supporting Member or Supporting Member.

For further information please contact:
Elisabeth Lahner
Tel: +43 1 24200-311
Fax: +43 1 24200-111

Sponsoring and Donations

Wiener Konzerthaus
Lothringerstrasse 20
A-1030 Wien

Telephone +43 1 242 002
Fax: +43 1 24200-110

Box office hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00–19:45
Saturday: 9:00–13:00
as well as from 45 minutes prior to the performance
Telephone lines are open:
Monday to Friday: 8.00–18.00
Saturday: 9.00–13.00
Special office hours and telephone booking during the summertime (25 June until 26 August 2018):
Monday to Friday 09.00–13.00

The Konzerthaus thanks all of its sponsors and supporters