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Gemischter Satz 2022

13/05/22 – 14/05/22

It is a speciality of Viennese viticulture and at the same time a seal of quality: the Gemischter Satz. Different grape varieties come together to form a multi-layered wine. Since 2014, »Gemischter Satz« has been the name of an extraordinary festival at the Wiener Konzerthaus, where not only high-quality grape juice is served, but also musicians and artists from different genres come together to provide a feast for the eyes, ears and palate under the leadership of Andreas Schett and his Musicbanda Franui. And so, on two evenings in May 2022, it will once again be »Ausg’steckt is« throughout the Vienna Konzerthaus!


The »Gemischter Satz«, our festival for music, literature, art and wine, begins in 2022 with three multiform concerts in the Mozart Hall. In between, during the half-hour breaks, there will be an opportunity to taste the wine that gives the festival its title.

Friday, 13th May 2022 7pm · Mozart-Saal

Gemischter Satz

The angelic voices of the Arnold Schoenberg Choir welcome the audience to the Grand Foyer. The word »foyer« comes from the French and originally referred to the fireplace and hearth of a household – the centre of the home around which the family gathered. The Great Foyer in the Wiener Konzerthaus, where visitors meet before and after the concerts, has an equally central meaning. At the »Gemischter Satz« festival, the foyer is even given the role of a performance space, for it is here that »Prologue I« and »Prologue II« take place. Afterwards, the guests will be escorted into the three halls and can look forward to an exciting and surprising evening that will take them through the entire house.

Extraordinary concert experiences await you at the simultaneous concerts: In the Berio Hall, Mozart Hall and Great Hall, 40-minute sets will be performed simultaneously by true greats of their field. Each programme is a unique piece, including a tour through the halls. The concerts each last about 40 minutes, with 20-minute breaks for rest and wine tasting in the foyers.  

After the simultaneous concerts, the festival evening undergoes a transformation process, for the concert now becomes a celebration: artists spread out throughout the house and join in a musical »promenade«. In the run-up to the finale in the Great Hall, the strolling visitors can fortify themselves with food and drink. The »Last Movements« will then conclude the »Gemischter Satz« 2022 in the Mozart Hall.

Saturday, 14th May 2022 6 PM · All Halls


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