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Phace © Dina Lucia Weiss

PHACE / Zamani


Tuesday 28 March 2023

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Yalda Zamani, Dirigentin


Hristina Šušak

Anima (2018–2019) (EA)

Katharina Rosenberger

blur (2019)

Reinhold Schinwald

deserti campi (2022–2023) (UA)
Kompositionsauftrag von PHACE, mit Unterstützung durch den SKE-Fonds

Maurizio Azzan

Wasteland_not yet (2022–2023) (UA)
Kompositionsauftrag von PHACE, mit Unterstützung durch das Wiener Konzerthaus


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Blurred contours emerge from the noise in Katharina Rosenberger's work, like a late-night cab ride in the unsteady light of neon displays and traffic lights. »blur« blurs edges and contours while still maintaining a defined form. »Anima« by Hristina Šušak finds the common ground in the yet very opposite expressions of emotion, laughter and crying. The piece shows the acoustic differences and similarities while the boundaries melt away, raising questions about the dualistic view of emotions. Reinhold Schinwald and Maurizio Azzan enrich the concert evening with exciting new works.

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