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Salò © Christoph Liebentritt / buero butter


Wednesday 3 April 2024
20:30 – ca. 22:30




Merd Saplo


Mathias Garmusch, Florian Urban


SALÒ, Mathias Garmusch

Ich glaube nicht an Dinosaurier

Mathias Garmusch

Offne Gruben offne Fenster

Mathias Garmusch, Marco Cem Mühlhans

Geil auf Betong

Mathias Garmusch, Marco Cem Mühlhans, Philip Prattes, Maximilian Schey


Mathias Garmusch, SALÒ



Mathias Garmusch


Mathias Garmusch, SALÒ

Alte Sünder

Bonjour Tristesse

Glock 17

Apollonia sitzt bei Edeka an der Kassa


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Medienpartner FM4
Konzert mit Stehplätzen im unbestuhlten Parterre

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

All subjective!

»April, April, he does what he wants!«: This also applies to SALÒ, and in the best musical sense! The native of southern Styria with the civil name Andreas Binder makes music since 2019, namely, as he says himself, »for dog petting:inside, work refusers and everyone else who has feelings«. With his tongue-in-cheek ode to trash, the 1990s and punk (as in his debut single »Tears to Wine« and the EP of the same name), he took the domestic music world by storm despite the pandemic. In over 100 concerts in German-speaking countries, he has built up a wide fan base not only in Austria, but also in Germany and Switzerland - his Konzerthaus debut will follow in April. On his debut album »Subjektiv betrachtet« (Subjectively Viewed), he reflects on what he has experienced and addresses, among other things, the transience of human relationships. Starting in the fall, he goes on tour with »120 Years of Loneliness«, with the motto: »Bigger, more beautiful, dirtier!« Sometimes political, sometimes romantic, from furiously biting to sugary sweet and playful: simply SALÒ!

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