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Lea Desandre © Julien Benhamou

Jupiter Ensemble / Desandre / Davies / Dunford

Friday 9 December 2022



Jupiter Ensemble, Ensemble

Lea Desandre, Mezzosopran

Iestyn Davies, Countertenor

Thomas Dunford, Laute


»Eternal Heaven«. Arien für Mezzosopran und Countertenor aus den englischen Oratorien Georg Friedrich Händels

Georg Friedrich Händel

Eternal source of light divine (Arie aus »Ode for St. Cecilia's Day« HWV 74) (1739)

Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay (Arie des Hercules aus »Hercules« HWV 60) (1744)

Joys of freedom (Duett Dejanira / Iole aus »Hercules« HWV 60) (1744)

Despair no more shall wound me (Arie des Athamas aus »Semele« HWV 58) (1744 vor)

To my chaste Susanna's praise (Arie des Joacim aus »Susanna« HWV 66) (1749)

Prophetic raptures swell my breast (Arie der Asenath aus »Joseph and his Brethren« HWV 59)

Thither let our hearts aspire (Duett Theodora / Didymus aus »Theodora« HWV 68) (1750 vor)

3. Tanz: Sarabande (Suite Nr. 4 d-moll HWV 437)

Prepare, then, ye immortal choir (Duett Semele / Ino aus »Semele« HWV 58) (1744 vor)

Guardian angels (Arie der Beauty aus »The triumph of time and truth« HWV 71)

Fly from the threatening vengeance, fly (Arie für Sopran aus »An occasional Oratorio»« HWV 62) (1745–1746)

You've undone me (Arie der Ino aus »Semele« HWV 58) (1744 vor)

Who calls my parting soul from death (Duett Esther / Ahasuerus aus »Esther»« HWV 50) (1720)

No, no I'll take no less (Arie der Semele aus »Semele« HWV 58) (1744 vor)

But hark! The heavenly sphere turns round (Arie der Ino aus »Semele« HWV 58) (1744 vor)



Georg Friedrich Händel

Eternal source of light divine (Arie aus »Ode for St. Cecilia's Day« HWV 74) (1739)

Douglas Balliett, Thomas Dunford

That's so you


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Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Eternal Heaven

The Jupiter Ensemble was founded in 2018 by the lutenist Thomas Dunford, it was born from the meeting and friendship with musicians of his generation. They dedicated their first release to the works of Vivaldi; the CD won several awards. »Jupiter is a collection of brilliant people coming together and exchanging ideas. Everything is very colorful and unpredictable«, Dunford says, describing the collaboration. »We all look for certain colors as we work. But rather than stipulating that something has to be played this way, I try to find as many aspects as possible. And then the magic happens.« Magical concert moments are also promised by the Jupiter Ensemble as well as mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre and countertenor Iestyn Davies in their Konzerthaus debut: the focus is on arias from the English oratorios of George Frideric Handel - a musical »Eternal Heaven« awaits the audience.

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