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Voodoo Juergens © Cornelia Greil

Voodoo Jürgens & Die Ansa Panier

»Wie die Nocht noch jung wor – Plattenpräsentation«

Wednesday 7 December 2022
Großer Saal



Voodoo Jürgens & Die Ansa Panier

Voodoo Jürgens, Gesang, Gitarre

Matthias Frey, Violine

Alexander Kranabetter, Trompete, Horn

Bernd Lichtscheidl, Keyboard

Martin Dvoran, Bass

David Schweighart, Schlagzeug


»Wie die Nocht noch jung wor – Plattenpräsentation«

Voodoo Jürgens

Wien bei Nacht

Hoiber Preis

Fost wie ans



Weida is Gscheida

Es geht ma ned nei


Beses End


Loss mas bleibn

Hansi der Boxer


In deiner Nähe

's klane Glücksspiel

Heite grob ma Tote aus

Angst haums

Wem gheart des Mensch

3 Gschichtn ausm Cafe Fesch


2L Eistee



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Konzert mit Stehplätzen im unbestuhlten Parterre. Sitzplätze ausschließlich in den oberen Saalbereichen (Logen, Balkon und Galerie).

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Strizzis and Stumbles

»Anti-folk for the Beisl« and »Austro-pop hype of the hour« are only two of the predicates for Voodoo Jürgens' music. The singer-songwriter, born David Öllerer in Tulln in 1983, portrays outsiders, the down-and-out and shady characters between megalomania, booze and the gutter. His deeply humanistic, warm way of telling their stories is comforting, because no matter how hard the crash after a raucous night, the loss of life and limb at gambling or the relationship quarrel was, in the end there is reconciliation. His strizzis and freeloaders, gamblers and losers are all broken characters: »I don't know what to write about a happy guy. We talked about it in the band, too, that it's all heavy fare. That's why I wrote >Ohrwaschlkräuler<, which is derived from earworm. It's a song that catches a bit and gives comfort.« Voodoo Jürgens trusts in himself: »Bending does not bring it. I do it all intuitively. Because experience has shown that I can trust my intuition. That what just comes out of me works well!«

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