Sunday SUN 29 January 2023
Sunday SUN 29 January 2023
Grundlseer Geigenmusi

Grundlseer Geigenmusi


Grundlseer Geigenmusi / Curly Strings

»Von Tallinn zum Grundlsee«

Sunday 15 January 2023
19:30 – ca. 21:30



Grundlseer Geigenmusi

Christian Eidlhuber, Violine

Franz Pleiner, Gitarre

Martin Feichtinger, Akkordeon

Martin Exner, Kontrabass

Curly Strings

Eeva Talsi, Fiddle, Gesang

Villu Talsi, Mandoline, Gesang

Jaan Jaago, Gitarre, Gesang

Taavet Niller, Bass, Gesang


»Von Tallinn zum Grundlsee«


In der Au

Auf geht's Schottischer

Hermann Dostal

Flieger-Marsch (Der fliegende Rittmeister)

Franz Gasperl

Tanzl in G



Morrison in da Moorwiese

Wasti Irlinger

Böckl Polka

Jan Johannsson


Joe Zawinul

Mercy, mercy, mercy

Norbert Schulze

In meinem Schaukelstuhl

Andreas Reitinger



Eeva Talsi

Maailm heliseb


Jaan Jaago


Taavet Niller


Eeva Talsi

Homme algab mul uus elu

Mind nad kätte ei saa

Kauges külas

Taevas seab riidu

Eeva Talsi, Villu Talsi

Firebird/Kribu-kribu polka

Villu Talsi

Mötteid vaid häid


Medienpartner Ö1 Club
Ersatztermin für den 28. September 2022

Subscription series Spielarten

Links http://www.geigenmusi.com

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Tempting curls

Gelockt statt verzopft, could be the motto of this Spielarten evening. For the Grundlseer Geigenmusi from Ausseerland not only plays folk music from the Alpine region, but also intersperses wavy fiddle melodies from Irish folk. Four musicians, a pinch of obstinacy, infused with a few liters of hop blossom tea - that's their recipe, according to their own statement. In the case of the Curly Strings from Estonia, it is not only the curly hair of Eeva Talsi that catches the eye, but also the ondulating melodies that she sounds with her fiddle. Balticgrass is what critics have called her music, which fuses Estonian folk music with American bluegrass. In any case, curls that entice!

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