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Quatuor Ebene © Julien Mignot

Quatuor Ébène

Wednesday 15 November 2023
19:30 – ca. 21:30



Quatuor Ébène

Pierre Colombet, Violine

Gabriel Le Magadure, Violine

Marie Chilemme, Viola

Yuya Okamoto, Violoncello


Joseph Haydn

Streichquartett g-moll Hob. III/33 (1772)

Béla Bartók

Streichquartett Nr. 3 Sz 85 (1927)


Franz Schubert

Streichquartett G-Dur D 887 (1826)


Yuya Okamoto eingesprungen für Raphaël Merlin;

Subscription series Belcea & Ébène

Links https://www.quatuorebene.com

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Milestones of the string quartet

Joseph Haydn is considered the founder of the string quartet genre. His most important string quartet compositions are probably the »Sun Quartets« and the »Russian Quartets«. From the »Sun Quartets«, which are especially distinguished by their unusually rich contrapuntal work, Quatuor Ébène plays the String Quartet in G minor Hob. III/33. This is followed by Franz Schubert's last String Quartet in G major D 887, with which the composer reached the pinnacle of his compositional development in this field in 1826. It is characterized by an orchestral sound, harmonic tensions, strong contrasts and rhythmic conciseness. About a hundred years later, Béla Bartók created his String Quartet No. 3 Sz 85, the most remarkable of his six quartets, which, along with those of Arnold Schoenberg, are considered the modern milestones of the genre before World War II. In its formal layout, based on two movements and varied repetition, it was unique at the time of its composition in 1927.

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