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Großes Foyer © Carlos Suárez

Wiener Konzerthaus Backstage: Führung

Freitag 1 Februar 2019
13:00 Uhr
Führung im Wiener Konzerthaus

Veranstaltung hat bereits stattgefunden

Veranstalter & Verantwortlicher Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

Wiener Konzerthaus Backstage

With its backstage tours, the Wiener Konzerthaus is offering visitors an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of one of Vienna's most venerable and state-of-the-art concert halls which stages more than 800 events a year. There are literally countless stories just waiting to be told from the Konzerthaus's 100-year history. Our tour guides can fill you in, in both English and German, with all the historical and architectural background information about the house, they will show you all four halls, as well as the backstage area, from artists' dressing rooms to the orchestra dressing rooms. Where possible, they can also arrange a short visit to a rehearsal to enable visitors to experience the artistic process close up.

The tours last about one hour and are in german (further languages upon request). Meeting point is the main entrance to the Wiener Konzerthaus (foyer) in the Lothringerstraße.

For further information and advanced bookings please contact tours@konzerthaus.at.