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Gunar Letzbor © Daniil Rabovsky

Ars Antiqua Austria / Letzbor

Sunday 19 March 2023



Ars Antiqua Austria

Norbert Kirchner, Cembalo

Ján Krigovský, Violone

Miloslav Student, Mandora

Gunar Letzbor, Barockvioline, Leitung


»Musica Austriaca«. Preziosen aus dem Stiftarchiv Kremsmünster

Johann Joseph Vilsmayr

Prelude, Aria, Saraband und Aria (Partia Nr. 1 A-Dur (Artificiosus concentus pro camera)) (1715))

Giuseppe Valentini

Allettamento per camera op. 8/6 (1714)


Trio für Mandora, Violine und Basso continuo. Ms. L 133 Nr. 14 in Kremsmünster

Giuseppe Valentini

Allettamento per camera op. 8/9


Allettamento per camera op. 8/11


Trio für Mandora, Violine und Basso continuo. Ms. L 133 Nr. 27 in Kremsmünster

Giuseppe Valentini

Allettamento per camera op. 8/2



Johann Heinrich Schmelzer

Ciaccona in A (1669))

Subscription series Ars Antiqua Austria

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

»Follow me into the closet!«

The multi-talented Florentine Giuseppe Valentini was - along with Corelli, Geminiani, Locatelli or Veracini - not only one of the most important violin virtuosos (and composers for this instrument) of his time, but also a poet and painter. His penchant for the eccentric is already revealed by the titles of his instrumental collections for various instrumentations, such as »Bizzarrie«, »Idee«, »Poesie« or »Allettamenti«, which means »Seductions« in German. Twelve such »Allettamenti da Camera« (i.e. »Musical Chamber Seductions«) were published by Valentini in Rome in 1714 (one, the 3rd, even dedicated to his »molto illustre, e molto mia Signora Padrona Singolarissima, la Signora A. F. T.« decidedly!), and one copy of it had gotten lost in the music collection of the Kremsmünster Abbey Archives. »Strayed?« No, surely it had gotten there deliberately. For the Benedictines of Kremsmünster - like other religious communities at that time - were not only not averse to secular music, but indulged in it on a very high technical level! Many monasteries were musically downright subversive cells, concerning Roman as well as imperial foreign exchange. Gunar Letzbor and his colleagues from Ars Antiqua Austria will prove this once again by means of Valentini's precious works.

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