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Wien Modern 36. Georg Friedrich Haas: 11.000 Saiten

Wednesday 1 November 2023
19:30 – ca. 20:45
Großer Saal



Klangforum Wien

50 Studierende des Ludwig van Beethoven Instituts für Klavier in der Musikpädagogik der mdw

Theresa Allinger, Filip Anic, Michi Arai, Sophie Baumgartner, Milan Begovic,

Christoph Bratl, Isabella Brunbauer, Donna Suenyan Chan, Rafael Diaz Marenco,

Aleksandrina Dimitrova, Julia Fellner, Soleil Fröhlich, Diane Michele Galioit, Toya Lukas Graff,

Timofey Gusev, Lucia Haab, Susanna Hanke, Ada Sophie Heinke, Jenny Hu, Alexander Koschka,

Maria Koutsampari, Philipp Laher, Célest Lang, Valeria Lanner, Sara Lazar, Miriam Laznia,

Katja Limani, Hanmei Liu, David Marihart, Toranj Mashayekhi, Seyedreza Mojtabavi, Franziska Musil,

Kana Okamoto, Iliyana Stoyanova, Kinga Philippzig, Antons Rosputjko, Daphne Schreiber,

Erika Spring, David Stadler, Katarina Stolarov, Ava Esmaeili Tehrani, Tade Laurent Theuretzbacher,

Julia Trifu, Alexander Vounelakos, Eva-Maria Wagner, Jessica Wang, Jingwen Wang,

Antonia Winklmayr, Heidrun Wurm, Ying Ying Zhou

Johannes Marian, Koordination Klaviereinstudierung

Clara Murnig, Koordination Klaviereinstudierung

Albert Sassmann, Koordination Klaviereinstudierung

Tim Anderson, Musikalische Leitung


Georg Friedrich Haas

11.000 Saiten für 50 im Raum verteilte Klaviere im Hundertsteltonabstand und Kammerorchester (2020) (EA)
Auftrag Fondazione Busoni – Mahler Stiftung gefördert durch die Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung


Produktion Wien Modern, Klangforum Wien, Ferruccio Busoni - Gustav Mahler Stiftung mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Hailun Pianos
Koproduktion mdw – Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
Freie Platzwahl
Dieses Konzert wird im Rahmen einer Kooperation zwischen der Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft, dem Klangforum Wien und Wien Modern, Verein für neue Musik veranstaltet. Weitere Informationen zur Datenverarbeitung bei Kooperationsveranstaltungen, Speicherdauer und Ihren Rechten finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung.

Festival Wien Modern 36

Presented by Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft

11.000 strings

It begins delicately, ethereally, almost a bit like baroque music blown in from afar, then transforms within seconds into a futuristic space opera; the sound seems to suddenly gain mass in space out of nowhere, becomes darkly threatening, then light as a feather again. Hypnotic, unreal sound surfaces begin to spin, deforming into the definitely three-dimensional, spatial. Already in the first minutes of his new work Georg Friedrich Haas leaves no doubt: 11.000 Saiten takes the listener on a kind of space flight, across a sound space that has never existed before.

50 (in words: fifty) pianos distributed around the room at hundredth-note intervals and chamber orchestra - from this completely utopian basic set-up Haas gains astonishing degrees of intensity that open up new dimensions even by his standards. The sheer, space-filling mass that the title implies - to make the 11,000 strings sound requires some 12 tons of cast steel frames, copper-steel strings, brass, spruce, linden, maple, felt, and much more, not to mention the many days it takes to transport, set up, and tune them - Haas puts this mass at the service of the most ephemeral, light, and nimble of arts. Well, a reverberation of 50 pianos with the pedal depressed does take its 20 seconds - but how quickly does a mood change in music, how quickly do a few delicate piano paw nudges become a virtual glass harmonica, a soaring flock of tropical birds, a mighty propeller plane spiraling higher and higher, a sunrise, a Formula 1 race, a roaring piano monster, a departing thunderstorm ... With his 12-ton meta-piano, Haas builds a kind of universal instrument that overtakes any electronic sound synthesis with its sheer, analog, intangible physicality. A trip in very entertaining feature length, a physical experience for the audience in the hall, a surprise coup of the composer Georg Friedrich Haas.


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