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Thursday THU 24 February 2022

Aljinovic / Lemnitz / Pichler / Watzl

»Hollywood on Air – Henry Koster: Mein Freund Harvey«

Wednesday 2 February 2022
19:30 – ca. 21:05



Boris Aljinović, Ellwood / Prof. Chumley (Sprecher)

Regina Lemnitz, Veta / Mrs. Epstein (Sprecherin)

Claudia Sabitzer, Mirna Mae / Betty (Sprecherin)

Lukas Watzl, Dr. Sanderson / Oswald Gaffney / Taxifahrer / Erzähler (Sprecher)

Nils Kirchhoff, Geräuschemacher

Felix Raffel, Klavier

Regine Ahrem, Regie


Regine Ahrem

Hollywood on Air: Mein Freund Harvey. Ein Live-Hörspiel nach dem Hollywood-Klassiker von Henry Koster (USA, 1950) und dem Theaterstück von Mary Chase (1944) (UA)


Medienpartner Ö1 Club
Claudia Sabitzer eingesprungen für Chris Pichler

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Hollywood on Air

»My Friend Harvey« – The comedy classic as a live radio play: »There are two ways to get through life well, either you are very smart or very friendly. I used to be very smart, now I'm very friendly.« Elwood Dowd – the main character – is an unflappably amiable middle-aged recluse who carries a companion named Harvey with him wherever he goes. The only problem is, Harvey is a 6-foot-tall white rabbit who is invisible to everyone else – except Elwood. This circumstance results in a fast-paced, immensely funny game of errors and confusions, which, however, has a very philosophical core in its depths. For »Harvey« is a Hollywoodesque variation on the age-old motif of the fool who – without knowing it – calls the wisdom of life his own and thus frees the world from its wickedness.

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